Information Concerning Fourth Street School

Fourth Street School

FSS no longer has an active phone or email address. As of 31 December 2013, FSS has been formally dissolved. 

An Open Letter Concerning Fourth Street School Closure

The Fourth Street School is a school for children who are on the autism spectrum and has served the community faithfully for fifteen years.  We have been immensely proud of the many accomplishments and achievements during this time.

However, in recent times our ability to invest the resources required to produce the improvements needed, both in education and in infrastructure, have been severely restricted because of reduced enrollment coupled with a lack of financial resources. In order for all our students to reach the levels of academic success that our parents and faculty expect, continuous investment is required.

Over the past year, the Board of Directors, together with the faculty and staff from Fourth Street School has worked diligently to try to improve facilities and educational provision at the school. Unfortunately, this year, we have found ourselves unable to meet the budget required to continue operations. We simply cannot offer the quality education that we see as our duty to provide without the resources to do so.

Sadly and with regret, Fourth Street School was closed on 03 August 2013. Needless to say it was a very difficult decision for everyone involved.

We have provided links to schools that work toward similar goals as Fourth Street School in the sidebar of this page. As we increase our ability to network and reach out to assist in this transition, further schools will be identified as destinations for placement of students that would normally fall under the mission of Fourth Street School.

We wish to thank our incredibly dedicated Staff—Emily Pike Pond, Ben Borneman, Erin Borneman, Dan Collum, Steve Davidson, Jennifer Jarzabski, Lisa Johnson, Alana Lynd and our School Therapist and Counselor, Dawn Stilwell. The teachers and support staff have served with dedication and commitment and without them the mission of Fourth Street School could not have been fulfilled. They have been a source of strength and encouragement for our students and families in fulfilling so many hopes and dreams. We are grateful to the members of the Board of Directors, both past and present, who worked to enable Fourth Street School to fulfill its mission over these past fifteen years.


The Board of Directors
Fourth Street School